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Insured Members of The Society of Sports Therapists.

Face to Face Sports Therapy Appointments are Based at Stubbington Health Clinic, 3 Stubbington Lane, PO14 2PP. Free Car Park Opposite Clinic. 

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What To Expect at an Appointment

1.  – At your first appointment with us, we will take you through an examination to effectively diagnose your injury and pain.

2. – A comprehensive plan will be put in place to help you overcome your injury and achieve your goals.

3. – Treatment can include expert advice and education, exercise to complete at home and hands on therapy all suited to you and your needs.

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Injury Assessment and Diagnosis

Sports Therapists have the extensive skills and knowledge to take you through a thorough history and assessment of your injury. We will be able to locate the site of injury/pain and find the cause and contributing factors.

Exercise Rehabilitation

Utilising scientific principles, we will provide and implement appropriate exercise programs to increase your strength, stability, balance, proprioception, mobility and flexibility!

Manual Therapy and Sports Massage

Sports Therapists use a hands on approach when treating an injury, aches and pains. Treatment modalities include Sports/Remedial Massage, Soft Tissue & Joint Mobilisation and Taping.

Sport and Exercise Specific Strength and Conditioning

Perform your best and reduce the risk of injury.
A thorough assessment and review of your body to find areas that can be improved.
Personalised training programme, advice, education and guidance.
Nutrition and recovery strategies.

What Is Sports Therapy?

Sports Therapy is an aspect of healthcare which focuses on preventing and rehabilitating injuries for everyday people as well as sporting individuals.

Specifically diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal and sporting injuries affecting muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, joints, fascia and nerves.

A thorough assessment and screening of the injury/complaint is undertaken.  A combination of movement and exercise, manual therapy, sports massage, education and advice will assist your recovery and reduce pain.

Sports Therapists do not just treat the sporting population!

No matter your age, activity level or lifestyle, we can help you overcome your pain and injury!

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“Really impressed with the thoroughness of the appointment!”

“TJ was extremely thorough in her examination of my problem ankle and diagnosed the issue correctly. Nearly 3 weeks of prescribed exercises has remedied it. Really impressed at the thoroughness of the appointment!”

“When my GP couldn’t help”

“Excellent! Both Anna and TJ are very knowledgeable and really good sports therapists. They fixed my shoulder pain and knee problems, when my GP couldn’t help.”

“Pinpoint the problem”

“After injuring my shoulder, I went to see Anna and was immediately struck with how knowledgeable she was, she was able to pinpoint the problem and gave me a series of exercises. The deep tissue massages also really helped.”

“Exercise and treatment plan which solved the problem”

“I used Back On Track in Stubbington for a non-sports knee injury. They were professional and gave treatment and an exercise plan which solved the problem. I would use them again without hesitation.”

“Great at focusing on my problem areas”

” Anna is very knowledgeable and great at focusing on my problem areas. Can highly recommend her sports massages and she has given me some great advise on follow up exercises to help improve my posture”

“Friendly and Professional”

I would highly recommend. Extremely knowledgeable and puts you at ease with their friendliness and professionalism. Back On Track treat my back, neck and shoulders, which helped greatly. Thank you.”

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